Kadzo Part II

kadzo part 2 tales by ortis

You guys don’t want to guess who I met today at the gym!!!! Kadzo…..

After our last meet up, I saved her phone number but confused a digit and when I tried calling, a certain Wafula from Kangemi picked the phone. And since I didn’t know her Fb name I couldn’t trace her.

She never even inboxed after I posted the story so nikajiambia siku tutaonana story ita endelea. And as if the world conspired to your desires for the story to end. We met! Jana jioni nikiwa gym.

“Hey you, kwani you come here?” I asked

“I should be the one asking you that,” she said this as she took her water break.

“So, did you read the story? What did you think?” I ask her with bated breath. Maybe she didn’t like it, I thought.

“I loved it, man. It was impressive. By the way, have you ever thought of endorsing brands? Your engagement is quite high, I might be having a business opportunity for you if interested. Are you?”

“I totally am, but before we do, wasomaji wangu are on my neck, wame vuruta stool tangu last week. Wanangoja saana . They want the story to end. So I’m thinking we finish working out then tukae chini unimalizie story then we can talk about that endorsement business. Ama?”

“I think that could work, I still have several cardio exercises to do then I can finish the story.”

And for the next 1 hour we went about our business in the gym. Mimi na utambi najaribu kukata. Kadzo is just here to Ass-asinate men. I don’t know why exactly she is working out. Maybe to keep fit juu ze body is on.

There is this bench outside the gym, overlooking the estate. Kama ningekua napenda udaku za estate hapo ndio ningekua nakaa nikisoma watu. That’s where we sat, story part two ikaanza. But I will keep it short bana. I type on my phone and my thumb is getting numb. So story huisha na word count ya notebook ya simu. Sio kupenda kwangu.

“The same table I sat on, at that club when I met Marto, is the same exact table I sat on when I met this new guy. Let’s call him Frank. After our episode with Marto, I grew bitter towards men. I never wanted anything to do with a man.

So every day after work I went to have drinks, alone, then I would stagger to my car and drive home. How I was never nubbed by alco-blow is still a miracle. NTSA ni kama walikua wamefungua Toll station ya kushika walevi hapo Langata Road. Lakini Mungu huchunga walevi Ortis. I just thank God that I’m alive yani, it hasn’t been easy.”

I could tell she was worn out. Cardio is intense, no one wants to talk after a crazy work out session. So she stretched her hands, her shoulders, and neck. Took a sip of water from her bottle and started this off.

“So I was there with my drink. Wallowing in my sorrows. I was depressed and since I’m not the suicidal type plus I totally believe hell exists, I decided to go the alcohol way. I can’t deal with hell on earth, die, then go deal with another hell halafu nipate Marto hayuko huko ati aliokoka akaenda binguni. Tricky!

On this particular night, I noticed this guy was looking at me. There is a way a man can look at you and you can tell whether he is undressing you with his eyes or he is showing genuine concern.

His, was genuine. Not the typical tall, dark and handsome type. Alikua tu, but when he smiled at me niliskia roho imemkubali. He looked like someone I could talk to. But I still looked away, pretending I hadn’t noticed him lakini wapi. He came to where I was seated, pulled a chair na akaketi chini.

He never said anything. Not even a hi, neither did I. He kept looking at me and smiling sheepishly and I concluded it could be alcohol running through his veins.

This was awkward, but two could play that game. And in that silence, he broke it with three words that got my attention.

‘YOU ARE BROKEN…. he said this, smiled, then continued having his drink.

What makes you say so? I asked him, politely.

Thursdays are my alone time days, he said. I come to reflect on my life. And for the last 3 months, all Thursday’s, I have been seeing you here. I have seen you cry before but I never wanted to invade so I kept my distance. It takes a mature man to tell when a woman is in a dark place, are you? I could be wrong though.’ He then kept silent.

What if I’m in a dark place, what makes you think you being here will make me feel better? I asked him

‘I’m not here to make you feel better, I have my own troubles too. We don’t have to talk about our personal issues, let’s talk about happier things in life. Let’s count our blessing.’

He said, smiled and continued having his drink.

We started with some small talk but with time, our conversation grew deeper. He was a super-intelligent guy, a senior guy in government, in short, he was established. And yes, he has been married for 15 years, a beautiful wife with two kids. He loved his wife, didn’t fail to bring her up.

She had been with him through it all, she was his pillar of strength. I loved it if only a man could talk like that about me to another woman. Only that mine killed his own baby.

3 hours later we were done talking. Because I enjoyed the conversation, I gave him my number. He would make a great friend, I thought. Only that things got complicated. In fact, I’m the one who complicated things. Or did he?

Three months after we met was my birthday. He had managed to talk sense into my head after the Marto incident and really played a huge role in my road to sanity. A week before my birthday he sends a delivery to my office. I was curious, I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone.

When I opened to check the content I found vouchers. Vouchers to go to Zanzibar with five of my closest friends for a whole weekend. Fully paid one of the top hotels.

Ortis, hata kama wewe ni nani unajiingiza tu box roho Safi. This man has been spoiling me dangerously it even scares me. He is the one who bought my car, whoever thought I would drive a BMW in these streets. And he fuels it, I have a prepaid card which never runs short of ksh.”

In my head there I’m thinking, huyu mwanaume akisoma kwa bidii mpaka anunuliane X5, kwani nikikua na fanya nini aki. Eh, Awuoro!

“How is the sex?” I ask her, hio part ya pesa nimeskia ikanipatia stress. Neutral ground ni sekete/sex! Where broke men prosper and live a lasting impact, so I hear. I needed to know whether this guy HARD it in him.

Kadzo starts laughing, then says, “I knew you were going to ask that question and I was prepared with an answer.

Ortis, believe it or not, I have never had sex with that man.”

“Kweeeenda,hakuna!!! No man can use that much money on a woman with no expectations. Kwani yeye ni nani? Haiwezi bana, haigwesiii!”

“Okay, does foreplay qualify for sex?” She asks.

“No. Foreplay is foreplay and sex is sex. There is no way eating an egg qualifies to eating chicken. Kadzo unanipima aki.” I tell her.

“Ortis sikupimi, I’m very serious.”

“Hakuna bana, Kwani ako na mipango gani na wewe?amekuambia ama pia wewe hujui?” I ask

“Ortis I don’t know, all I know is that I love this man more than anything. If he says we go this way I don’t question. And it’s not about the money since I have my own money too.”

“But pesa yako haifikii yake wewe. Uko sure sio pesa?” I ask

“Nope, it’s not his money, did I mention he has bought me a house under my name.? He is a serious man, I just don’t know his intentions. It’s three years now and it’s the best 3 years of my life.”

“What about his wife? What do you think goes through her mind. What would go through yours if it was your husband who you helped build his wealth? What do you think she will do when she finds out?” I ask

“She already knows…” She says

“Ati,? Pardon? What? And?”

Relax, stop being dramatic Ortis. The wife knows, she managed to get hold of me. The most interesting human I have met after Marto. Only that our encounter was rather confusing. Before I tell you about our meeting. Let me tell you about Marto and his apology. And his silly wedding with the intern. Do you know he sent me an invite?”

“No….tell me about the wife and the meetup. Mambo ya Marto na intern ni baadaye,” I beg her.

“Mmmh, okay then.. Ume insist Sana pia wewe.

So she called and asked if we could meet, that she knew about the affair but Frank didn’t know she knew. She wanted to know our story. She was calm and warm.

It was as if it was a mother addressing her daughter in a loving manner. Nilijishuku nikaona huyu ni kama anataka kuni maliza. So I tagged my pal who sat on a different table as we waited for her to arrive at the restaurant in CBD.

Hii ilikua tu movie aki. Wanawake vile wako na drama hapa nje na wanaume wao, huwezi waamini wakikuja na uzuri. So i had to tread carefully

20 minutes later, she walked in, I just wondered what the hell she had to say and I questioned why I had to meet her, pia wewe una find it weird, sindio?” Word count Over – Poleni aki, prt 3

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