She looked bold, beautiful , confident, she had her act together. Mpaka nikajiuliza why Frank had to cheat on her with me, that’s the moment I asked myself why do men even cheat? That woman made me question myself, the husband made me question myself even some more.. Not that I’m ugly ama najishuku, lakini bibi ya frank ni mrembo Ortis.

You see, I have always been a confident woman, I go for what I want. I rose to the top so fast because whatever the world threw at me I had a way of managing , but this character is the same thing that brought me down because I never saw how I couldn’t handle a man, I mean a boy. But today I found my match. Ushawahi ulizwa Swali, yani hata ulete clan yenu yote hamuwezi jibu?

She sat across me. Looked at me straight in the eye, she didn’t have time for small talk or any formalities. She went straight to what brought her here and being the guilty one, I had to play along . This woman had the power to cut all the resources I was benefiting from, she had the key to this semi permanent happiness I was experiencing. Akiamua kuleta shida ni hivyo, as the side chick, bana I had to fear her, if the husband did, who was I not to.

Whats your story? Why my husband? Is it about the money? She asked
Uurm, it’s a long story.. I said
I have all the day, that’s why I’m here, speak up girl!

When she said that, I wondered whether to tell her about Marto, would it be relevant? Should I tell her that her husband is the one who approached me and has been spoiling me silly? Should I tell her we have never really had sex but he enjoys me biting his nipples and kissing his bald head? Argh, I was at a hard place.

We met when I was at a low point. I started. I went on and said everything, filtered some of course but Marto came up, the pregnancy, the death of the baby. How I met the hubby and some of the things we had done. I never mentioned the car or the house, but the trips, I certainly did. I had to play safe and not act all clean like the man wasn’t spending on me yet it was evident he was spoiling his wife. This lady was well kept, it was written all over her.

After Martos story she kept quite. She then beckoned the waiter to come over. We hadn’t ordered for anything yet. My lips were dry from tension. Yani this is how  people who cheat feel wakishikwa? Wah! Nilikua na feel kama mwizi amekua cornered. I averted my eyes towards my pal na alikua anani angalia na macho za huruma I have never felt like crying like that. But I had to be act all calm and collected.

She ordered for dry red wine, something with enough alcohol to get her more creative with her crazy questions. Feel free to order anything, bill is me. Oh, but you can as well pay, I’m sure my husband has spoilt you so much the least you can do is pay for my wine.
Ortis, what the F/:4’+(%, who says that? I nearly slapped that woman. I wanted to punch her on the face and tell her to know people and it wasn’t my fault her husband loved me too. I smiled at her, hio time nilikua na kiwaru mbaya Sana hata mate haikuwa inapita. I will pay, it’s okay, I said this with a whisper as I ordered for my wine.

The wine is brought and  placed before us.She gives me a knod to continue talking.The question and answer thing was way much easier but now what was i supposed to say? “sorry” wasn’t going to cut it.”Maybe this woman knew me way to much than what i thought i was feeding her and now she was playing mind games.Should i mention the house and the car?

“Ortis i was in a very bad position,what was worse is i found myself sipping the wine at her pace, as much i wanted to drown myself in it.I couldn’t have her thinking that I’m competing with her for her husband’s attention and now in wine drinking.

“Ehe,so ulidu?”i asked her

She was still seated with a smirk on her face,when i decided to tell her that,her husband loves her so much since he’s mentioned her alot of times to me.Her face was very much unfazed,i couldn’t even read the emotions she portrayed. Yani, alikua anani angalia tu.

Ortis, kusema tu ukweli. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I will play the 2nd fiddle. I’m know I’m beautiful, I’m accomplished, focused and all, but hizo vitu zote zimenifikisha wapi?Infact I used to judge women who would go after people’s husband’s, like, how the hell? Why not get your own man? Why act so cheap? Sasa ona mahali nimejipata? The same place I used to judge others for. Hii Dunia pia Ina mambo aki, I stopped judging. I know better now.

Well,”Do you love him?”Mrs Frank asks
Silence…. I am sure kila mtu kwa hoteli could see that this was not a kawaida type of lunch.”Go on,..these are words you’ve repeatedly told him while he was fucking you only that this time there’s no moaning and climaxing…am all ears”as she sipped her wine.

I know I’ve been insulted before,but this woman was really cutting deep.Yaani,nilikua naskia kuruka kwa meza nimrarue but i kept my calm.

We,enjoy each others company.I said

Have you two planned a future together?

How often do you guys have sex?
We don’t have sex, we have never had sex.. I interjected.

She looked at me suspiciously, as if trying to read my mind. Then said. What do you mean you don’t have sex, what do you guys do whenever you go out of town? She shockingly asked.

Has it occurred to you that he probably has another woman? That he is cheating on you, as funny as it sounds?
I didn’t know how to answer that, didn’t know if it was a statement or a question. Funny enough it could be true, and it got me mad knowing he could have another woman other than me and the wife, but who gives me the right to be mad.? He isn’t mine,… I never answered that question, I just looked away, looked at her and said ‘I’m Really sorry’, I don’t know what to say.

What about the kids, you don’t feel guilty that you rob them of their father’s affection anytime he is meant to be with them but you are busy being squeezed by his big beer belly in the name of spooning after having pathetic sex?

We don’t have sex.. I said in a hushed tone as I looked at her.

You are a hardworking woman Kadzo.Don’t let your sweat go to waste. I understand you have gone through so much hurt and you chose to heal through my husband’s affection and generosity . But before you realize it you will be broken again, if he hasn’t left me for you by now, trust me, he won’t. Walk away when you can. You still have so much to achieve,don’t you now?we don’t want anyone putting a stop to that. I’m all about protecting my family, any woman would. She said this, sipped her wine as she looked at me.

At this point i wasn’t sure if she was giving me advice or a threat?if she was making me choose my life over her husbands affection?

Is it really worth it?She asked.I don’t like playing dirty but when i do the mud is my play ground.

“Ortis sijui nguvu ya kusimama nilitoa wapi?”
I slowly picked my bag and slowly walked out of that restaurant, ” Nikamwachia hio bill alipe. I forgot that I even came with my best friend. I just left and went.

So are you still with Frank or you walked away? I ask
Kadzo looks at me as if Suprised and says, Boss, walk away where? We are traveling tomorrow for a holiday to Chale. Our baby has to be made in a beautiful, fancy island.

Huh?????? What do you even mean??
Let me tell you about the wedding invite, she says this while laughing loudly.
Yani alimaliza hio story na akaniruka na Swali zangu zote…

Okay, let’s talk about Marto basi. Lakini umeniwacha na Swali mingi Sana wewe.

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