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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in this group, as the representative of the men, we want to appreciate and thank you for the sacrifices you make to raise the future generation of this nation. I have enabled my page for people to share/publish experiences of them being raised up by their mothers. Those same experiences molded us to be who we are today. Let’s appreciate them!

Story by Godfrey Okoth Jatelo

Remember growing up to those dilute to taste juices zilikua zinaitwa supa dip or sijui superdeep?? So there’s this one time me and my small bro really tried Min Daddy’s ability to kill ( Min Daddy being my mum). My brother and I were ‘petty thieves’ we would steal my mum’s coin tin and go buy *supa dip hoping she wouldn’t notice.

So there’s this one time my small bro came to me and as I was playing with my childhood friend let’s name him K. So my brother comes to me saying ameokota 50bob ya madhe twende tununue supa dip na ka ngumu equivalent of KDF today. When I asked him to show me the money I realized this kinyangarika had stollen 500bob, a whole MIA TANO. That was the ultimate test of testing my mom’s capability to kill.

Wajinga sisi tukaenda kwa duka which was owned by a kisii lady very loyal to my mother. We used call it Ka Nyakisii. Mimi ni nani, tukasema tumetumwa ngumu packet moja na supadips tano. For one realize the level of our carelessness and greed, tulisahau change, MAKOSA!😭😭😭.

We went to kwa kina K tukarusha baaash and invited close friends only. Then this was something we said no one will know of it.Little did we know our misery was about to come down on us. Later that night around 8pm Nyakisii comes to madhe ati, Min Daddy ,ulituma hawa watoto wako na wakawacha change. Ndio nimefunga duka nikasema nikuletee. You can imagine the shock on my mother’s face, a whole 500 bob atutume tununua nonsense?? The fact I’m here writing about this ordeal proves that we serve a living God. My mother rained on us wuuuuuueeeeeh.

The funny part is that she took us to the kitchen akachukua makaa moto akaserve kwa one of the metallic plates (Most village households had these) akasema these hands za wizi anataka we learn a lesson. She was BEATING us to pick up the makaa moto in both hands 😭😭😭 .

When the BEATINGs had become too much , I figured out the only way to make it stop is pick up my pieces of hot makaa. Nikienda kuokota she beat me tena ati anataka watu wa childrens right wakuje wamushike lakini atakua ashatoa pepo ya wizi kwa Watoto wake. Mpaka nikashindwa kama ni mama yangu wa ukweli, that beating made me question where I came from.

After Nyakisii left having witnessed violence against humanity, my mother called us and told me and my brother to pack our things that she can’t live with thieves. Just so you know how dramatic my mother was, remember the green paper bags zile za kitambo. Aliniwekea short moja na t-shirt for me and my bro na kwa mia tano akatupatia mia moja tuende tuanze maisha since tumeamua kuwa wezi.

Manze it was 10pm and here she was are sending less that 10 years old kids kwa streets with a hundred bob to go start life😭😭😭😭😭😭.She was damn serious, so like the responsible young adult I told my bro tuende tulale kwa nyumba ya kuku kesho asubuhi tufunge safari tukuje Nrb Kibra tutafute our uncle Omondi who was a very famous man huku.

With a hundred bob on us we started our journey the following day only to stopped by a makanga who knew my dad akaturudisha home. Hatukusamehewa we were being asked mbona tumerudi?? Long story short that 500 tulilipia in instalments and we are still paying to date .

Ile mboga na ugali tulikula watu wakikula nyama juu tuliiba mia tano sio mchezo. Hata chai dufia ilikua unaambiwa mia tano tuliiba ndio ilikua ya sukari. But if there is a woman I cherish deeply it’s my mother, she tamed us and molded us to be the men we are today.

Bless that woman. Min Daddy Nyar gi Tillen Nya Gem Asumbi Roma Nyar Gi Evans Kidero mootooo ya kuotea mbali.πŸ˜‚Happy Mother’s day Mum!

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