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Sheila : Hi Ortis, I have a story. Not sure whether it’s good enough to be posted. Should I share it? But promise not to post my image.

Me: 1st, I promise, 2d, Leta hio story tu share.

Okay, we met at a friend’s birthday party. He was too light in skin complexion for my liking but aisuru si ni binadamu. We exchanged contacts and days later we were talking like we’ve known each other forever. He was the outgoing type and constructively talkative. Whenever we met,I wished time could stand still and wait for us. As time went by, he turned out to be my ideal man. I had totally fallen for him but all this while he hadn’t made a move. Then came this day on Friday afternoon I get a text from him “hey beautiful I hope you are having a good day. I will pick you up at 19:20 we are going somewhere. Be ready by then. Stay safe 💖

“Boom! The day for him to spell out his feelings was here. I couldn’t wait to hear him say the words. At 20:05 we were seated at K&Q restaurant at a reserved table for two. Being the gentleman he was, he held the seat for me to sit. Our meals arrived almost immediately since he had placed an order earlier. We talked about this and that while having our meal and minutes later we were done. Fine wine was there to teremsha the meal. Amidst sipping wine he said “leo nimeamua kufungua roho I tell you the truth. I hope you won’t judge me.” I had to place the wine glass on the table and listen keenly because this is the moment I had waited for like forever.

And of course, I already knew what he was going to say. I almost said ‘the feeling is mutual darling’ but I had heard of a Kikuyu saying that do not jump in front of the ndarama so with the little patience that I still had I said: “go ahead am listening”.He looked straight and deep into my eyes and said “I happen to like you a lot but don’t mistake my intentions. Since I was 15 I have never felt anything for girls or women, I am gay sweetheart.”

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