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Seeeeeex ,yes sex.. Sex is a beautiful thing, the most pleasurable act one can engage in. But, there is good, gooder, and goodest sex ,then there is bad sex. Class in session, vuruteni stool.

Good sex is when there is Chemistry, but no performance. Gooder sex is when there is performance, but no chemistry. Goodest sex is when there is both Chemistry and performance and cuddling after. If there is no cuddling then there is no love. It’s like baking a birthday cake and forgetting to add cream.. Does it even make sense ?please say no!

Now, when two grown ups start flirting all over then decide to take matters into their own HANDS. Wanajua kitu wanafanya, sindio? And if they know what they are doing , they should be answerable to their actions. Sindio? Thank you.

It is with a heavy heart that I’m writing this article today. Let the ones who have eyes see and the ones who have ears hear and the ones who will get mad after this get mad. Shauri yenu. If you have eyes, and you choose to see, you notice by the day we are having more and more single mothers in Kenya. Some got here by choice, others by unavoidable circumstances, but most by avoidable circumstances.

And now to my question, WHERE ARE THE FATHERS TO THESE CHILDREN!!!!! Last week katika harakati zangu za kutafuta pork hapo Mlolongo I overheard another ‘man’ tell his buddy. ‘Mimi niliambia huyu dem afanye abortion, mpaka nikampea pesa nab ado akakataa, nikamwambia kama anatka kuweka huyo mtoto basi atajipanga juu mimi siko tayari’. This statement got me so mad I felt like punching this lowlife.

There is no justification for a man, a maaaan for heavens sake to to be the one to call for an abortion because you don’t want to be responsible for you actions. Life is divine, mess with that and God’s wrath will be forever upon you. You man reading this. How do you sleep at night knowing there is a woman out there suffering to raise your kid ? How do you sleep knowing your son or daughter has nothing to eat or nowhere to sleep yet you are out there drinking with your boys and spending on random women! Do you ever listen to yourself when you say it was an accident? Or she trapped you ?

I agree, some women are masters in crafting traps wakisema wako on safe days and you dive in dry dry only realize later on that safe days is a scam. Lakini sex ya kuiba ni hatari walai. You date someone for years na all is well, no baby , ebu cheat once with a random house help, triplets wanakam mbio ki Usain bolt. Back to the topic.

Do you feel like a man knowing you are absconding your duties as someone’s father? Listen, the society is a reflection of its men. Period! There is no way we will have a functional family system when men chose not to be accountable for their actions. I hear men complain that everything nowadays is about empowering women. Why is no one there for the boy child? My question is, do you want the women to form associations to take care of our boys? The same boys their fathers have refused to raise? Lakini mbona tuko na mchezo hivi?

Sex is one thing, but bringing a child into this world is another. This is life for heaven’s sake, a life that needs love and care and attention. There is something special about children growing in a family that has both parents, we may choose to ignore this and come up with all manners of sayings but there is no day a woman will be a man and a man be a woman in bringing up a child.

Back to men, we need to step up. If you cant have the nerves to raise your own kids then stop lying to people’s daughters out here only to ghost on them once you hear they are expecting your babies. I know relationships can be complicated. And to some extent, not even children will make a couple a stay together. Watu wakiamua kuwachana wataachana tu ,but please ,for the children’s sake. Take care of them, they are your responsibilities…..wacheni mchezo. Na ikibidi mchezo si mtumie tu condoms, please..

Bana mothers are suffering out here in silence and it is so sad.I may not know the circumstances under which as a man you walked away. Maybe it’s beyond me to even question, but if your baby mama gives you access to your children na hana ubaya na wewe since others can also be out rightly evil and even turn your own kids against you. Just know one thing, every child deserves a present father

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