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Resurrection In Dala

resurrection in dala tales by ortis

And on the 3rd day, Jesus resurrected. If I was not a born a Christian, I don’t know if I would have ever believed that story. Talk about practicing Faith! But one event years ago, made me believe that man/woman can wake up from the dead.

Sasa shida ya Wakenya especially my friends on Fb, most of you are skeptics on a other level na mnataka kunipinga ni kama pia nyinyi mlikua hapo. Smh

My mother was a medicine woman, she never stepped foot in a medical school lakini alitibu wengi. I once saw her put wet soap in a child’s ass hole and I was so shocked, I never talked to her for two days. Nilidhani hio Sasa ni uchawi. I came to learn it’s a medical practice, only that in our generation some people have switched the role of the soap. From treatment and bathing to forming a strong HANDY RELATIONSHIP with a soap. Lakini nini huwasumbua? Anyway, my mum was also a devout Christian lady and was the choir master and vocalist in our Village church back in Alego. That woman was a star.

So one fateful morning at around 5am, someone was at the door shouting my mother’s name. We could tell it was a desperate situation. When we opened the door it was the daughter to one of my mum’s friend. She was crying, all she could say was ‘Mama o’ tho yawa, mama otho!! The mother had died in her sleep.

Sisi Hao mbio hadi kwa Boma Yao. My mum did her thing to confirm whether she was indeed dead, and yes she was. All she did was just wipe her body with some cloth and covered her with a white bed sheet. She cried abit, I was their silent, not saying a single word as I watched the whole thing. We stayed there for quite a while until other concerned parties started arriving.. So the whole idea was the local village pastor was to come and pray for the body before it left for the mortuary. And the earliest he could make it there was around 2pm. Since we couldn’t wait for him until then, my mother decided that we should go back home and come back later.

So this story begins at later, hapo juu nilikua nawa prepare tu.

‘Niku, nikutenderesa ye, Yesu, Yesu mwana wa Ndiga, emusa….. I have never known what is sang in this song, neither do I know the words, I just know it’s sung when one departs. The prayers had already began and the body lay on top of a table lifeless.

Arwakou e Nyi’ng Yesu, Nawasalimu katika Jina la Yesu? Amen…… Kifo cha sister Magdalena imenisumbua Sana, said the pastor, followed by silence…..

Alikua mama aliye penda Mungu na kanisa Sana. Cha kuhuzunisha ni kwamba hakuwa mgonjwa hata kidogo na mpaka sahii naona ni kama amelala tu…. Long silence

Hhhmmmm….. Uuuuuwiiii, nyasaye, ai, someone had to scream from the back to send the message home and support whatever the pastor had just said..

Sister Gladys, tafadhali imba wimbo ya mwisho kabla kuhubiri ianze. Nina upungufu wa maneno. So my mother started singing, she was to do the 1st stanza before the rest joined in..

Chakutumaini Sina, ila damu yake Bwana Sina Wema wa kutosha, Dhambi zangu kuziosha,

Chaku… during the 2nd stanza, two voices were coming from the front next to where my mum was. Remember the pastor wasn’t singing and even if he had been, he wouldn’t have a soprano. Instinctively as if planned everyone kept quite to figure out where the extra voice was coming from… It sounded familiar..

Remember the white bed sheet my mother had covered the lady with,? Fwaaaa…. She removed it to uncover the body… Njia yangu iwe ndefu, yeye hunipa wokovu, mawimbi yaki ni pita, nguvu yako ndio na…. Before supposedly dead lady said the last word, everyone was hot on their heels. Ile Mayowee ilitoka kwa hio Boma jameni.

My mother turned towards the pastor who was standing behind her with SHOCK but the pastor was Close to 20km away in that split second. The lady who kept screaming from the back had already fainted a long time ago, but there was no one to attend to her.

You see, US luos can be very interesting people.. We have this common village Spirit called Nyawawa, it wanders through our lands and for us to chase the spirits aways we hit drums and sufurias towards the lake and assume the spirit has fled. In short hatuogopi mashetani, now here a miracle has just taken place and instead of rejoicing, everyone fled. I remained there with my mum who was so shocked she froze on her tracks..

Magdalena? I thought you were dead?

Gladys…. the things I have seen, trust me, heaven is real. I was there. God is Real.

They talked for atleast an hour, then mum served her tea with Nyo’yo/Githeri.

After the meal, she told my mum.. Gladys, naskia nimechoka Sana. Let me sleep now, when I wake up I will tell you everything.

We had to let her rest, the idea was to go home and come back in the evening. By now lady who had fainted had regained consciousness, when she woke up and saw Magdalena walking toward the house to sleep, she fainted again. My mother did some 1st aid and she woke up, but she made sure she left with her.

Two weeks later, we buried Magdalena, when she went back to sleep. She never woke up again. Now, for the skeptics, how do you explain this. If it was not a miracle, what was it then? I need an answer from everyone who will read this.

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