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The Cookie

the cookie tales by ortis


One day I ate a cookie, I was given by someone I choose not to mention juu ataninyima kazi. Kumbe this cookie had super powers, I decided, since tao is just here, let me walk from statehouse road under the scorching sun. Throughout the journey, I was laughing so hard for no apparent reason, I laughed all the way to Afya center and at this point I knew I was going crazy. I couldn’t stop the laughter no matter how hard I tried to act normal.

Kuingia kwa matatu, now on my way to langata. That laughing sensation, vile stima hupotea time ya mvua hii Nairobi, ikapotea tu. I miraculously stopped laughing, but what followed next not only surprised me but everyone in the matatu.

If you have ever attended a Luo burial you know how we mourn, we don’t cry. We mourn, whether you know the deceased or not.

Manze I let out a loud yelp from NO WHERE!!!!!! I started crying so loudly everyone thought I had probably lost someone and I learnt about it nikiwa ndani ya matatu. In my mind a battle was going on, and I accidentally asked myself ‘Wacha ujinga, unalia nini? I replied with an even louder cry saying , ‘Aki siiiijui,mama yooo!’ Now everyone got confused in that matatu and they believed I’m mad. Everyone was staring, kila mtu anaangalia nyuma.

Then from nowhere,ki Mariga na politics, I burst out in laghter, so loud that everyone now started laughing with me juu hawajawahi kuona wendawazimu kama hii. Kufika tu Uhuru gardens monument nikakumbuka vile 1964 Kenya became independent after the struggle our colonial heroes went through, that thought got me so sad and I started crying again.. This time round nililia hadi Nika fika stage ya Langata High. Everyone kept silent now.. Kushuka tu hivi stage, nikanyamaza Tena.

Temporary Madness that was ! Please, sikizeni Steve Simpleboy, wacheni MIHADARATI, hizo vitu zinaingia mpaka kwa Buruwein!

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